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Gruha Jyoti Scheme is a flagship initiative of Government of Karnataka that started as the first guaranteed scheme initiated in July 2023. It is a power sector scheme under which the Karnataka Government will provide free electricity to residential households of up to 200 units from 1 August 2023. Other existing power sector schemes such as Kuteera Jyothi, Amrutha Jyothi and Bhagya Jyothi schemes were merged with the Gruha Jyothi scheme to boost electrification across the state.

The scheme made news because of the new rule regarding provision of additional 10 units of electricity to households that use less than 90 units of electricity on an average. A survey also found that households in Karnataka utilized less than 53 units of power per month.


Gruha Jyoti Scheme Overview

Scheme Name Gruha Jyoti Scheme
Implementation Entire Karnataka
Implementation date 1 August 2023
Benefits Free electricity up to 200 units
Application mode Online and offline
Application last date No last date
Scheme portal link 


This article deals with all you need to know about the Gruha Jyothi scheme including the eligibility criteria, documents required, how to apply & the benefits of the scheme. 


Gruha Jyoti Scheme Objectives 

  • To provide free electricity up to 200 units to every household in Karnataka 
  • The main objective of the same is to raise the living conditions of citizens
  • By insectivizing the power sector, it aims to engrain an electricity saving behavior in citizens 
  • To encourage adoption of energy efficient practices and conscious use of electricity
  • By means of this scheme, residents would be exempted from paying the electricity bills & save up to ₹1000 rupees per month


Gruha Jyoti Scheme Eligibility Criteria 

  • Any person who is a resident of Karnataka is eligible to apply under the scheme 
  • The applicant requires to withhold his Aadhar card or any other identity card issued by the government of India while applying to avail the benefits of the scheme 
  • The applicant’s household must have been consuming less than 200 units of electricity in the previous 12 months 
  • The scheme is only applicable to residential and domestic households
  • A single beneficiary can only have a single meter connected to his/her Aadhar card
  • Tenants or people living in rented houses can also apply using their Aadhar card even though the electricity meter is registered under the landlord’s name
  • The scheme is applicable for both above poverty line (APL) & below poverty line (BPL) ration card holders 
  • A non resident of Karnataka can also avail the benefits of the scheme when residing in Karnataka 
  • The Aadhar card of the applicant must be linked to the account/consumer ID of the electricity bill 


Gruha Jyoti Scheme Benefits

  • You can consume up to 200 units of free electricity each month 
  • The beneficiaries enjoy a zero electricity bill 
  • The beneficiaries can save up to ₹1000 per month that would otherwise have been spent on paying the electricity bill
  • The benefits of the scheme are available to everyone regardless their family income, ration card type, religion or caste 
  • Tenants and people who are not residents of Karnataka can also avail the benefits of the skin 
  • Reduction in electricity consumption also reduces the carbon footprint


How to apply online for Gruha Jyoti Scheme? 

  • Any resident or non resident residing in Karnataka can register for the scheme online. 
  • Anyone who wants to avail the benefits of the scheme may visit the Seva Sindhu portal
  • On visiting the Seva Sindhu portal, click on the Gruha Jyothi scheme icon 
  • Select your convenient language 
  • Enter the required details such as the ESCOM name, account ID/connection ID of the electricity bill, account holder’s name, address, type of occupancy, Aadhar number, name and mobile number.
  • Tick on the ‘I Agree’ box 
  • Enter the capture code
  • Click on ‘submit’
  • You will receive an acknowledgement SMS or email to confirm your registration


How to apply offline?

A person also has an option of applying to avail the benefits of the scheme through offline mode. To do so:

  • The person may also visit a nearby Grama Panchayat, Nadakacheri, Bangalore One Karnataka one or Gram one center to register for this scheme offline
  • Fill the application form 
  • Submit it at the respective center 
  • You may have to pay the applicable service charges to the respective center 


Documents Required for Gruha Jyoti Scheme

The following documents are required to apply for the scheme: 

  • Aadhar card 
  • Electricity bill 
  • Consumer ID/account ID on the electricity bill 
  • Rental agreement in case of tenants or non residents


Check Application Status

In case you do not receive an acknowledgement email or SMS, you must visit the Gruha Jyoti Scheme acknowledgement reprint website. Select your ESCOM name & enter your account ID. You can now download your acknowledgement copy.


To check the application status of the Gruha Jyothi scheme, the applicant must visit the Seva Sandhu portal and click on ‘Track your application’. Fill in the required details and click on ‘check status’. The status of your application will be displayed on your device screen.



1. Can tenants avail the benefit of the scheme?

Yes. Tenants as well as non-residents of Karnataka can avail the benefits of their scheme  by applying using their Aadhar card and consumer ID. 


2. Where to apply for the Gruha Jyothi Scheme? 

A person who wants to avail the benefits of the scheme must visit the Seva Sindhu portal at to register under the scheme. The steps to register are listed above.


3. I am living in an apartment, can I apply for the Gruha Jyothi scheme? 

Yes. You can apply for this scheme if you have a separate electricity meter installed in your house.


4. I am a tenant, but my electricity bill is in my landlord’s name. Can I apply for the Gruha Jyothi scheme? 

Yes. By providing the rental or lease Agreement along with your Aadhar card and consumer ID/account ID, you can register at the Seva Sindhu hotel. 


5. Do I have to pay the entire bill amount if my consumption is more than 200 units? 

Yes. In case you consume more than 200 units in a particular month. You will have to pay the entire bail amount just for that month. The benefits of the team will still be applicable if you consume less than the designated amount next month onwards. 

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