Gruhalakshmi Scheme Telangana: Empowering Women in Telangana to Build New Homes

The Gruhalakshmi Scheme was started by Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao of Telangana to help female heads of households financially to build new houses. Those who cannot afford housing due to financial issues have been identified as the groups served by this particular scheme known as Gruhalakshmi or the “At home” scheme, which contains other support programs such as capacity building and coordination tasks between different stakeholders in construction sector players. It’s worth mentioning that under this particular plan, the money also goes directly from government accounts to their pockets promoting self-sufficiency regarding Housing facilities among these individuals. The Gruhalakshmi Scheme is aimed at improving the general prospects for life as well as socio-economic security considering various sections of society especially those that are vulnerable in terms of housing with the view of promoting comprehensive development and enhancing gender equality which Telangana has pledged to.


Gruhalakshmi Scheme Telangana


In Telangana, there is a scheme called Gruhalakshmi where the government provides women belonging to the economically weaker sections with Rs. 3 Lakh as financial aid so that they can construct their own house or property. The payment is made through DBT’ (direct bank transfer) mode three times to the accounts of beneficiaries.


The program will use Rs 12,000 crores to build 4 lakh houses throughout Telangana having an extra 412 crore set aside specifically for the construction of 1,00,000 houses. In all these new structures scattered across all constituencies, there are approvals totaling 1,193 units while within state allocations alone there has been approval given for an additional 43,000 homes.


The government-approved Gruhalakshmi logo characterizes houses that are built under the scheme, and as a result, they are known to be of good quality and meet standards. As per their desires, every recipient must receive a one-off payment that will enable them to put up a shelter.


Each district has a District Collector responsible for the implementation of the program. For Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), commissioners oversee how the Gruhalakshmi Scheme works. This project seeks to empower women living on the fringes in Telangana by enhancing their housing security and dignity.


Gruhalakshmi Scheme Eligibility


The place of abode for anyone who seeks to be chosen lies in Telangana which is their permanent home being famed for its lush terrains and lively societies.

  • This opportunity requires only the highly regarded female members of the family who are both strong and possessive.
  • It is a must that all petitioners come from Dalit, SC, ST, BC, or minority backgrounds as this reflects the variety existing in our State.
  • A food security card is the top honorable way to enter into this program that keeps feeding every worthwhile family.
  • The applicants must have the land which is itself the cornerstone whereupon that dream home can blossom.
  • Those living in a house with an RCC roof as a sign of the past may not be interested in this program, because it is only for new home builders.


How to apply for the Gruhalakshmi Scheme


Telangana’s Gruhalakshmi Scheme, which is planned to start on 24th June 2023, is about to introduce a unique official website for easy registration. Once the Gruhalakshmi Scheme begins its application process, this is what will happen:

Check out the dedicated official website for Gruhalakshmi Scheme Telangana.

Go to the homepage and search for the ‘Gruhalakshmi Scheme apply online’ link.

Fill in all the required details in the application form that is displayed.

Preview and upload the documents that are required as stated in the instructions.

After preparation submit your filled electronic form for examination and approval.


Gruhalakshmi Scheme application form


Below is a detailed description of the successive structured steps that characterize the operationalization of the Gruhalakshmi Scheme once the application form is rolled out by the Telangana Government:

  • Applicant Submission and Scrutiny: Potential receivers will have to put forward the filled forms to the district collector who has to go through them thoroughly to make sure that they satisfy all the eligibility conditions or requirements.
  • Finalization of Candidate Eligibility: After conducting a comprehensive examination, the District Collector will compile the list of eligible beneficiaries who are to benefit from the project.
  • Phasic Fund Release: The District In-charge Minister will release money for housing projects in stages, thus providing an orderly financial provision that is in line with the pace of the project.
  • Permanent Wait List (PWL) Allocation: Applicants who don’t receive funds during the initial phase are entered on a Permanent Wait List(PWL) for their village/ward and can be funded at other times.
  • State-Level Monitoring and Reporting: The Managing Director of TSHCL (Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited) will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the scheme across the state and providing detailed reports to the government to enhance accountability as well as efficiency.
  • Follow the construction: at three critical stages- basement completion, laying of the roof, and completion, photos with date and time stamps, along with geographic coordinates must be uploaded at different points in time to ensure transparency and monitor the timely progress of housing projects under the Gruhalakshmi Scheme.
  • Gruhalakshmi Scheme documents required


Gruhalakshmi Scheme benefits


The Government of Telangana is planning to give Rs. 3 lakh money in three different stages to eligible women as part of their Gruhalakshmi Scheme. In the first stage of their assistance, a basement will be given to them, and in the second stage when they reach the roof level another 1 lakh rupees gets in. This scheme called Gruhalakshmi Scheme has been named after the woman who benefits from it alone since it allows her to build herself a house. The funds are earmarked for the construction of two-bedroom RCC houses strictly; to get the necessary aid, a beneficiary is required to open a special bank account that belongs to her since using Jandhan accounts is limited due to limitations on transactions.


The initiative is designed to support women in realizing their housing dreams as well as ensuring financial openness and responsibility during the construction period. In doing so, it breaks down the funding into three segments in an endeavor to help in completing the construction of houses within set timelines as well as enhancing the economic and social welfare of women in Telangana.

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